pissedconsumer.com Under Investigation Following Malicious & Unsolicited Online "Reviews"

Update 01/08/2016 - Click Here to learn about how Pissed Consumer operate from an American Law Firm.  Am hoping to get the BBC news involved.  Will let you know!

It all started a couple of years ago.  Someone wrote malicious content about me personally, my former business Regent Guitars and pretty much anything I represent.

Regrettably, as soon as my name was linked to this website it began to rank higher and higher - it now ranks #2 underneath my name if you search for Richards Guitars via Google.

I made a big mistake in mentioning this guys post and website on Facebook - I imagine the traffic this sent to the site gave greater relevance to the site in terms of traffic.  It also encouraged a couple of minor grievances to be posted which to this day I have no idea whether they were real or not.

When I closed my account with Gordon Smith, I was stalked by a guy on Facebook who seemed to take a great personal grievance over my decision and decided to write an essay of lies about me to defend Gordon Smith, all of which featured on pissedconsumer.com .   The new owners of Gordon Smith (Auden guitars) can vouch for my personal integrity regarding my decision and highlight what was written was a pack of lies - but I could do NOTHING about having this content taken offline without paying the website $1000.

To demonstrate the lack of any kind of vetting or integrity I wrote my own review about locking my customers in the basement. I must admit  I was quite proud of it, but there is stays amongst the rest of the comments.

Since then, because this site features so prominently a few of my customers have taken it on themselves to write POSITIVE reviews on the hate site, but the system simply counts them as "complaints" bringing my tally of complaints now to 12 (all be it positive complaints!)

Any potential customer who Googles my name and sees "12 complaints" associated with "pissedconsumer" is BOUND to tread very carefully and I believe it is having an increasingly damaging effect on my business as more and more customers mention the website.

Needless to say I am doing what I can with limited time and resources to investigate the site, find out what if any rights I have to have the content removed and to take any action I can generally against the site.

From what I have investigated so far, it seems there are many many businesses effected by this company.

Here is a comsumer affairs website that with some reviews about pissedconsumer...


I could personally write a complaint about every guitar shop in the UK - this would then mean they too would appear on Google under the pissedconsumer site - How can this be allowed and why is the Google indexing system allowing this to happen?

If 100 people want to bad mouth me tomorrow, I have NO power to control it.  This should be illegal.

I am not a tech or work for Google so I have no chance of finding out what can be done.

All I can really say to put this site into context is that over 20 years in business, my previous business closed selling 10 guitars a DAY over 13 years.  Richards Guitars has been trading for 7 years and 18 months ago I joined up with Yotpo.com reviews site and have over 200 reviews rating my service as 4.75 out of 5 - I sell approximately 2 guitars a day, 7 days a week (Edit: as of 1st August 2016 this is now over 1000!)

My service is bespoke, specialist and I care passionately about doing the right thing.

So 7 or 8 negative comments about communication is not something I should have to be defending in this way and this website should not be allowed to discredit me in the way it is doing.

I am fanatical about what I do and I just hope anyone who has visited pissedconsumer.com will find this post of comfort.