September 08, 2013


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Richard has been playing guitar since the age of 8, educated at the Guitar Institute in London and specializing in online consultation and World Wide deliveries for 21 years - Each and every one hand finished bespoke to the customers requirement.

Richards reputation for first class playing instruments and dedicated service goes before him - with customers in most Countries around the World.  In the past 3 years alone Richard has accrued over 1000 testimonials from customers all around the World.  Every single customer dealt with personally by Richard.
Richard only sells guitars he truly believes in - each brand being an Industry benchmark in their price or genre - a view built on 21 years research.
Richard is available most hours for consultation which is provided in a personal but comprehensive and professional manner via the live chat facility.

Specialist guitar advice for 21 years

I (Richard) have been providing specialist advice for 21 years. My previous business Regent Guitars ran from 1995 to 2008, starting with just 6 guitars and closed selling 8-10 guitars a day with a turnover well in excess of £1,500,000.

So why did it close?

In 2008 I closed Regent Guitars and opened Richards Guitars with a desire to get back to ONLY selling guitars I love, that I have a true passion for – which should also mean a volume that I could handle personally from beginning to end – like my previous business USED to be!  To this day the only person I have to rely on is my wife Teresa who liases with all my customers during the order process and I am more worried about letting her down than vice versa - behind every good man as they say!

Regent Guitars had left me disillusioned and “too close” to the reality of how most guitars are sold. I didn’t want to be part of the marketing “machines”. It just wasn’t me and I believe anyone who is truly passionate about guitars and in my industry will know exactly what I mean.   It seems 90% of my industry is hype - so I try and focus on the 10% I truly believe in.

My reputation now spans Locally, Nationally and Internationally with customers from Stratford Upon Avon  to Singapore.

I specialize in a select range of guitar brands—Brands which I believe represent something unique in the market be it value, quality, tonal range or shear beauty.

You may not realise you can buy all solid wood hand made acoustic guitars from as little has £500, even a superb quality electric guitar hand made in the UK from £600!  If you chat to me I will tell you how to avoid the mass produced, over hyped brands and focus your attention to stunning beauty!

Guitars sold on personal passion, not marketing hype

Heard of Eastman, Furch,  Faith, Gordon Smith or Godin?  If you haven’t then you need to have a chat with me before you spend your hard earnt cash on your next guitar.

I am aware that many people do not buy for “quality only” but for image and prestige. If you want a Fender, Ibanez, Shecter, Gibson, Jackson etc. then you are talking to the wrong man entirely (although I do specialize in used examples which will play better than new and won’t lose value on resale) – you can find these products hung on a hundred guitar shop walls around the UK but for me personally they just don't excite me and conversely represent well marketed, over hyped mediocrity.

Just remember when you are talking to the next salesman that he probably cares not for you, but for his employer. His job is to sell you what is hung on the wall – not to ensure you get the very best guitar available in the market.

Want to know about guitars with heart and soul? I am your man. From a quality starter guitar through to World Class hand made guitars.   With honesty and integrity central to my philosophy in life and business I assure you that you are in safe hands and I will guide you based on your needs and requirements. If I can’t help I will tell you and point you to “a man that can”.

Try guitars in a welcoming environment..

I try and make your stay at Richards as enjoyable as possible, which may include boring you to death about the guitars available, their history/pedigree etc. or it may just be you want to spend some time on your own trying out the guitars available. Either way you should find the shop welcoming and totally un-intimidating.

Read: Richards History - From Birth To Now!

The Porridge Appreciation Society

OK - You may not have seen this on Facebook....

I set it up some time ago on Facebook.

If you don't have a Facebook account, it is basically the "Porridge Appreciation  Society" which I set up for a number of reasons,but primarily as a study for my "Mindful Guitarist" blog!

The Porridge Appreciation society is/was my physical metaphor that encapsulates mindfulness for me personally.

Mindfulness helps you focus your attention on details that you would normally completely overlook.  It helps you be aware of your surroundings, your taste, textures, colours - even just moments in time that you may otherwise miss.

Hang in there - it will all make sense I promise!!!!


My wife Teresa constantly makes jokes about how I can get so "excited" or "passionate" about most basic things.  I don't think passion or excitement are things that I should feel I have to defend and if I find passion in porridge then surely my life is all the more colorful for it?

The few posts that were made in my Facebook "group" were actually really interesting to read and it showed there are others that had much to discuss about what on the face of it seems like a topic that could go no further than "its made from oats and milk" - when you start to look at porridge in more detail you get to see there are a million and one ways to make it, different variations, tastes, cooking methods.  I am sure I could write a book on it!

All of a sudden something incredibly obvious/overlooked becomes something of interest and exploration.

Well my own personal journey with porridge has brought me to a new understanding! 

I have learnt that the porridge oats you buy in the supermarket are heavily starched to make them cook quicker and a lot of the goodness of the oat is actually lost.  I am now buying a whole grain oat "steel cut" so you keep all the goodness from the grain and you are basically eating in a way that your body has been used to during evolution.

So where is all this going?

I will try and create a conclusion from this ....

I could have continued to eat my porridge and work on "auto pilot" (Add the milk, boil it up - eat it - go to work!)

However I chose not to.  I chose to take an interest in its form, its taste and how it can be improved

I chose to take time to study whether the porridge I was taking for granted as "porridge" was indeed the only option and from that learnt that there were indeed other options/choices available that may suit my lifestyle better.

As a result I feel I am healthier and am more aware of what I am putting into my body.

Can you see how this links to guitars yet?  LOL  OK I will give you a push if you haven't got there yet....

When you next pick up a guitar.  Take time and be mindful of its form, its colour, its sound - texture!  How could this guitar be improved for you personally?  How could you benefit from changes to this guitar?  Is this the right guitar for you?

Sit with that guitar, take some REAL time with it (you don't have to be on auto pilot, thrashing out the latest solo either).  Spend real time understanding that guitar.

You may find it quite therapeutic if you do it properly and it MAY help you find your perfect guitar..... but the principles I am discussing could also help shape your life in more ways than you could ever imagine.

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