We Welcome Orders Globally - And It WON'T Cost You The Earth

We welcome players from all over the World to consult with Richard directly via live help, allowing Richard to help you find the right guitar and ensure it is set up to your personal playing specification.

Richard personally tests every guitar that leaves to make sure it plays how you requested at the point of order.

To ensure anyone can benefit from this highly personalized service we subsidize the delivery costs from our pocket - not yours, resulting in the following delivery charges*


Any delivery to Western Europe £15.

America £50

Australia £75


If you bought your guitar from an alternate source it would cost you at least £50 to have it play to the standard that we set our guitars AS standard. 

Why would you want to buy from a faceless online store if you can buy from someone who values every customer and their personal needs?

I do hope we can help you further as we provide the service you wish you could find locally!


*Wherever possible.  If you order a very low value guitar this may not be possible.