Cort CR Custom

After having never held a guitar in my life until just over a year ago ,I have been searching for all the answers I can get regarding guitars and music .Trying to find the right guitar when there are so many different types is very difficult for someone with little knowledge like myself. Most guitar shops are happy to sell you a guitar and send you on your way , I have been looking for someone to look after MY interests . When I found Richards website I could tell he offered something different , I told him what I was looking for and expressed my concerns as a new player .I asked whether I could justify spending £500 on a guitar ,would I be able to tell the difference , would he be able to set it up to help me ??? He said 'Trust me' , so I took a chance and did just that !! What a great decision that was ,when the Cort Cr custom turned up I took it straight out the box and immediately I felt at home with it .It plays SO WELL and SOUNDS INCREDIBLE !! , I haven't yet had chance to experiment with all the sounds it has to offer ,I guess that will take years !!! I'm more hooked than ever !!! Thanks Richard

Andy K

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