Stonebridge DS20CM

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I had intended to buy a Gibson J-45 as I prefer slope shouldered guitars, however one of Scotland's top Luthiers (Ricky Starrs) advised against it, and suggested a Stonbridge instead. He added that Stonebridge were beginning to make inroads in the USA, and that I should get one while they were still obtainable. And I was glad I took his advice. I have owned 2 Dreadnaught's in 50 years (Martin D-20/25 and an Aria) and parted company with both with no regrets. The Martin in particular was at best "Lifeless". Not so the DS-20-CM! For once the much used word "Awesome" applies. This guitar has one of the most playable neck's I have ever tried, and the 2 other's that match it are both Hand Made. In short a machine cannot make a guitar neck regardless of how precise it is in the cutting and shaping. Only a Luthier can "feel" if the neck is right or not. The tone is superb and matches a slope shouldered guitar for both projection and clarity. This is and "no Frills" guitar ie no fancy garish appointment's, yet is still very pleasing on the eye. But it is it's easy action and superb tonal qualities that make this guitar more than a natch for any of the other highend guitar's on the market.

Many thank's to Richard for his help and the prompt delivery, and to Chris who set the guitar up for me, it played right out of the box. Plus the guitar was very well packaged and protected for its long journey to the Isle of Lewis. I can only add that Richard gives a very professional high quality service that I have never encountered in 50 year's. Outstanding service!

Jim Morris, Isle of Lewis

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