Crafter SA 12

Crafter SA-12 TMBK Hybrid acoustic-electric
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This is a very well made guitar. The finish is great quality for the price.

I've often seen comments that 12 string guitars are more difficult to play than 6 string ones - but as promised the set-up by the tech at Richards make this a 12 string guitar that is easy to play. Beautifully low action but with no buzzing is perfect for my fretting hands old and ailing finger joints. Holds it's tuning well - which is a plus with 12 strings to tune.

The thin body means it really needs to be played with an amplifier rather than as an acoustic, but I went for this option as I find that the deeper bodies on acoustic guitars makes them uncomfortable to play. The hybrid element with having an electric pickup built in appealed to me too. The LR Baggs piezo and Kent Armstrong single coil lipstick pickup give a good range of tones and the blend control works very well.

It's a nice bonus to be able to get both acoustic and electric sounds from the same guitar. It benefits from being played through an acoustic amp, but I still got very good sounds through the clean channel of my Fender Super Champ XD. The guitar has very good sustain and is nice and resonant - chords ring out nicely.

The hollow body and the amount of wood and hardware on the headstock does make the guitar neck tend to dip down on the strap - which tends to be in the nature of any 12 string with a semi acoustic style of body - but it's nothing that the right sort of strap can't cure.

Using the chat feature on Richards site meant I was able to keep in touch with progress and was kept well informed about what was being done. It was well worth the additional few days wait for the guitar to arrive at the shop and then be set-up to get as good a value and well set up a guitar as this.

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