Faith FV12TB

Steve F.: "I spent months agonising over whether to buy a 12 string guitar, looking longingly at the black faith fecv12 before spotting the gorgeous faith trembesi. Unable to decide I asked Richard for his opinion and he recommended the trembesi. One of my main concerns was the ease of playing, would a 12 string be much harder? Richard assured me that the workshop setup he offers on all guitars was particularly beneficial on 12 string guitars, no word of a lie it arrived setup perfectly very low action making it even easier to play than my 6 string ( which was also setup by Richard ) yet no buzzing strings. I just cant put it down, beautiful to look at , sounds amazing acoustically, haven't tried it plugged in yet, and so easy to play. If you are in the market for a 12 string this is one that should be really high up your list."
5 stars

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