The Cort B5LHOPN  12/25/2013
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First of all before I speak about the guitar I really need to mention the outstanding service received from Richard and his staff. Many organisations often speak about delivering great customer service but let me tell you that Richard is the epitomises the words great customer service. Not only guaranteeing next day deliver, but phoning the couriers and following up personally to make sure he delivers on his promise, simply outstanding!

Now the guitar, I received it just in time for a charity gig the next day, so I didn't have much time to really get to grips with it, but boy oh boy! Great bottom end and awesome top end. I like to play some complicated funky bass licks using slapping, tapping finger popping and double thumb techniques and this piece of kit delivered on all fronts! Great tones and crisp sound. I've played a couple of gigs with it now and every time I've had other bass players come and ask how did I get such a crisp sound all I simply said was... Get a Cort bass, nuff said!

Pity I didn't have it when I was in the studio recording our 6 track EP, can't wait to get it in the studio to lay down some awesome licks, love it!

Fil Anderson - bass player - Blackfish

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