Faith Naked Neptune Electro (FKNE)

Faith Naked electro Acoustic  01/08/2014
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Excellent service from richard guitars start to finish.
The guitar left richards shop with the action set to my requirements and packed very well.
The satin finish gives it lovely feel and shows the quality of the all soild woods. The guitar feels and sounds amazing and has plently of mid range punch there is some lower end and upper range tone but mainly mid range tone. This makes it an all around good strummer and suits finger style. If you only play finger style consider faith trembesi due to its increased upper tone and increased clarity. But the faith naked is amazing considering its price and includes the shadow pickup system is good and does its job well.
Glad i found richards shop online as most shops online sell guitar in the box with factory setup meaning you have to send time and money but richard is different he does care and sets guitars to your requirements and packs carefully and sends it to you and he even has a shop you can vist if your local to him. He is online and on the end of the phone to help you with advice and doesnt push a sell. From now on when I want another guitar it will be from richard.

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