Faith Neptune Hi Gloss (UK)

Hi Richard Sorry its taken a while to get back to you regarding the faith neptune baby jumbo high gloss guitar which i purchased from you. Well as far as looks goes she's "STUNNING" Action "STUNNING" And as for the tone what can i say apart from once again "STUNNING," As you can probably tell by now Richard i am totally blown away with the guitar, and as far your service goes its been exceptional and a total pleasure to deal with. The only thing that i am disappionted in is that it might work out too expensive for me to get her to you for her 6-month & 12 month service as i live in Co. Durham. Could you let me no if it would be at all possible to go through your courier service and if possible how much would it cost me? I really hope we can come to some arrangement when the time comes as i would really prefer for her to come back to you as i am really blown away with the overall service that you provide. Kindest regards, Gav

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