Letter Forwarded To Me From Sales Director Of Faith Guitars

 Hi Alex,
Sorry to use your personal e mail but i made the effort to find it so knew you would read this - it's a simple e mail , i just want to compliment you on an outstanding product and pass my thanks to Richard in Stratford for his introduction to this guitar.
Briefly, i was recently in the position to update to a new acoustic and had every intention of purchasing the usual known brands  - Martin , Gibson etc and went to Richards Guitars in Stratford Upon Avon to try some out.
I have never met such an enthusiast in my life , his knowledge and passion is outstanding and he is a true ambassador for your product - in one short visit to his shop, after playing a Faith i knew i had to buy one - a make i knew nothing about , a make i had never even heard of yet i was sold totally and not just with his pure belief in the instrument but the tone and sound was something else.
I have of course now purchased a Jupiter - unfortunately , i was unable to buy it from Richard as i needed to part ex some pretty strange stuff  - i.e. Ashdown bass stack & Dean guitar and needed to use the purchasing power of PMT in Birmingham who were happy to take this stuff in - again , they were really great as well.
So it's simple , what a great instrument, i play it and smile  - what a sound - and if you get a chance , thank Richard for me again - top bloke.
I promise you i will promote this guitar where possible

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