Faith Neptune Cutaway Electro Hi Gloss (FNCEHG)

 Where to begin...

Well it started with my Brother-in-Law and Niece both buying guitars from Richard.. They visited the shop, and left feeling confident enough to have their purchases set up and delivered at a later date. For the record, I said they were crazy to buy a guitar 'unseen' as I viewed this as musical Russian Roulette.!

Ok.. I then visited them at Xmas, and found 2 beautiful, perfect guitars: A Faith Neptune Hi Gloss, and a Stonebridge. Both were amazing to play, sounded perfect and were set up to perfection... but I fell in love with the Faith Neptune.. I WANTED ONE!! I then Chatted to Richard on line several times- he is always available, heaven knows when he ever sleeps!?? we discussed guitars and the nature of the universe appertaining to 'Hi-Gloss' versus 'Natural' finishes. The upshot was that I decided on the Faith Neptune Hi-Gloss Electric Cutaway.. and was awarded a 'family' discount (thanks Richard!) My favoured setup was discussed, and I payed online using Paypal, and was given an ETA of 7-10 days.. (don't expect next day from Richard, his guitars are set up before dispatch) I received notification 9 days later, and the guitar was delivered the next day. It was well packaged, and was in perfect condition - It was even STILL IN TUNE!! The sound, finish and action was even better than I hoped for.. and I am now a Richards Guitars convert :-] Do not hesitate to buy from Richard, he has a genuine love of guitars and will delight you with his service and attitude.


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