Cort M600 AVD


Unbelievable guitar! 

First of all I wanna say that I'm so glad I found this site and so glad I used the live online chat to speak to Richard directly, such an honest guy who really really knows his stuff. I had a great conversation with him and described the sound I was looking for as I've tried plenty of guitars and wanted the sound I was hearing in my head and he recommend this guitar. 

I'm so glad I took his advice!

This guitar is worth so much more than it's retailing for and anyone who has seen it has guessed the price to be way higher than it is and rightly so because it is a stunning guitar. I've played and owned some very expensive top end guitars and this is just as good, the tone from the guitar is spot on, you can clearly hear the tone of the wood which is missing on most guitars.Even when not plugged in you can hear the quality. There is simply one volume and one tone knob and that's plenty, the beauty with the volume is that it doesn't thin your sound when turning down like what happens on alot of guitars just the volume is reduced which should be the case but rarely ever is. The coil tap on the tone knob is brilliant, it's like having two guitars at the ready, when the coils are split the tone is beautifully clear, not brittle or sharp just right. When in humbucker the pickups are loud, powerful, warm, fat but also wonderfully clear! When using with overdrive channel it kicks ass, puchy, powerful, fat, warm, clear and pinch harmonics scream! Have to say, I really like the pickups, before I purchased I thought I might need to upgrade them but I'm really happy with them. I play alot of gigs playing alot of different styles of music and have had to chop and change different guitars to suit but this can really do the lot! The look of the guitar is stunning, colour is beautiful and the flamed maple front is stunning! Considering its made of maple and mahogany this guitar isn't too heavy and is lovely to play, sits great from a strap and really nice when sitting down. I'm seriously in shock at the quality of guitar for the price!
The quality of service on Richards site is second to none, like I've already said, the advice was spot on and shipping was very quick and reasonably priced. When I recieved the guitar it was really well packaged and perfectly set up! Intonation was perfect on every single fret! On alot of guitars I've played the first few frets can be slightly sharp but this is perfect. The action was also spot on and holds it's tune really really well!  

I already have a long list of guitars I wanna order from Richard and i know they'll all be as good as this one! 

Thanks a million Richard, your a legend!


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