Faith Neptune Cutaway Electro FNCE

 This is simply the nicest acoustic guitar I have ever owned, and also compares very well to much, much more expensive guitars that I've sometimes had in my possession. I've tried literally dozens of similarly priced guitars over the last few months, and nothing came close (and, sorry to say, I found the 'budget' models from the big names fared worst of all in comparison). With the Faith, it is like most of the others were wrapped in cotton wool; It is amazingly resonant. To my ears, it has a perfectly balanced sound, from the bass to the top…. all notes ring distinctly, and yet when strummed blend perfectly. It has a similar 'sweet' sort of tone to the Faith Venus that I tried (which I also thought was a very very good guitar) but has more projection and, importantly to me, more bottom end. It plays beautifully all the way up the neck, which I find very fast and comfortable to play - no dead spots at all. I'm also very impressed by how it maintains its tone and resonance when played very softly…. it can be as loud and booming or as gentle as subtle as you like. Simply, an amazing instrument, and at an amazing price for a solid wood guitar of this quality and character. 

I think that buying it from Richards has enhanced my experience with it in a number of ways. Firstly, he will take the time to talk to you, and it genuinely feels like he wants to sell you the best guitar possible for you personally - not just sell a guitar per se, as has pretty much been my experience with all other music shops over the last 25 years. 

He certainly knows his stuff, and is a very friendly chap. Also, you have an extra layer of quality control with him - I feel sure he wouldn't sell a guitar that wasn't absolutely the best the factory made (and whatever you hear from some quarters, I don't think modern quality control/ consistency from the manufacturers is much better than it ever was - big differences between individual instruments which are 'the same' still exist in my experience). 

Finally, the fact you get a professional set-up before the guitar ships is a godsend. I was amazed by the difference it made - though the (large number) of Faith guitars I tried in the shops were very playable, little niggles occurred from time to time (e.g. intonation/ action etc.) Richards set-up makes an already excellent guitar pretty near perfect, IMO. 

In the future, Richards will always be the first port of call for me when I'm looking for another guitar. 

Thanks Richard!

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