Burny RLC55 White


Hi Richard,
Just to let you know that I have received my Burny guitar this morning.
When you said you had put something in the box, I was not expecting a Hiscox Case inside!!!!
This is absolutely phenomenal and completely over the moon. The guitar itself is a work of art. It plays superbly well and sounds brilliant. Everything is completely faultless. I think with the bad experiences I’ve had buying guitars in the past and very recently it seems like a lottery receiving a guitar that has no issues at all, this has made me very sceptical about purchasing guitars and receiving a good service but that as certainly changed now. Many thanks for all your help and the fantastic service getting this guitar to me. I am overwhelmed at the lengths you’ve gone to deliver my guitar, going above and beyond is an understatement.
All the best,
Justin (One very happy customer)

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