Cort Earth Grand

 I've had this guitar for about a month now and every time I pick it up I can't believe how good it is; and how much utter value for money it represents. It has a huge, rich and full tone and plays beautifully.. Quality control in the construction and attention to detail are superb - at least as good as with many much more expensive guitars I've seen and played. The set-up was perfect. The Grand Op also stands out from the crowd for looks. With it's unadorned, almost "plain"'s brought loads of admiring comments at local sessions. And when those guys strumming Martins and Takamines hear it, they can't believe the "bang for the bucks." And if I was impressed by the sound when I first played it, it knocked my socks off when I tuned it to DADGAD! Quite simply, I don't know how Cort do it for the money! IMHO the Earth Grand Op is worth twice what I paid. At least that's what I figure I would have to spend to get an equivalent sounding and looking guitar from another manufacturer. As for Richard's Guitars, what can I say? Richard is courteous, knowledgeable and totally focused on the needs of his customers. His enthusiasm (make that love) for guitars shines through, as does his determination that his customers be fully satisfied. Communication is excellent and nothing is too much trouble. Richard lavishes as much attention on those buying less-expensive, starter instruments as he does on those spending big money on high-end guitars. It was a genuine pleasure to do business with him. I'll be back! "

Denzil 5 stars

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June 29, 2016

I picked up an unplayed, ( I was told about 30 year old) Cort Earh 500 with mahogany sides, Spruce top and gold hardware for only £100 in Scotland. I have many acoustic guitars but I wanted something I could just leave pin the car without too much concern when I’m touring and climbing during the day and playing Ceilidjs in the evening. Apart from a bit of woodiness on the 4th string it beats guitars I have literally paid ten times more for. It’s probably got a close modern equivalent, if as good as this, would be an decent long term purchase for anyone.

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