Faith Naked Neptune Fishman Matrix Custom (FKN-FMC Exclusively available at Richards Guitars)

Can't really conceive ever wanting to buy a guitar from someone other than Richard, his service is unreal. Such a pleasure to to deal with a total enthusiast and such a nice bloke. As far as the guitar, its absolutely gorgeous, I actually prefer the look of the 'austere' simplicity, as well as the sexy smooth to the touch feel of the naked finish(compared to its glossy siblings). The tone sings and sparkles in a woody and raw manner and feels very balanced from the lows to the highs. I have yet to properly test out the highly regarded Fishman Matrix pickup, but have plugged into an electric amp and it still sounded fantastic, so I look forward to giving it a real spin on an amp more suited!
Once again thanks Richard, If I ever am in need of another guitar then I wont even consider someone else.

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