"I was after a good quality 12 string guitar but did not want to spend a fortune because it was not going to be my main instrument just something to play about with. I had tried out several second hand guitars of major names but was not totally impressed with their sounds or action. I sought advice from Richard who told me to select from the list that he can source and he would get one in for me to try. So the Lag Tromantane seemed to meet my requirements, Richard got one in and set it up for me to try out at his shop. First thing I was impressed with was how low the action was. The build quality and finish was good, the styling had nice touches with the shape of the headstock and the inlay on the sound hole. The sound was equally impressive for a fairly low cost guitar matching some of the more well known , and more expensive brands. The guitar was not let down when plugged in to an amplifier a very good pick up is fitted. Overall I am more than pleased with this instrument."

5 stars - Paul

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