Stonebridge GS21-SO

I bought this guitar from Richard after having spent a lot of time researching and then driving a great many miles to do back to back comparisons of the best sub £1000 finger style guitars. For me this guitar was a stand out winner. The guitar's clarity and projection of sound and almost bell-like ringing harmonics, particularly in the middle and upper register could not be matched by anything else I tried in this price range.
Build quality is spot on; the satin finish and absence of 'bling' give it a reserved, hand made appearance. -although this particular guitar has some very interesting grain patterns in both the back and sides which make it look particularly special. I gather Ovangkol can be quite variable in appearance.
Richards setting up of the instrument and shipping was excellent and reflects the care that he takes with both his instruments and customers.
I absolutely love this guitar. My only problem is I just cannot put it down!
I would have no hesitation in buying from Richard again and would strongly urge anyone in the market for a really nice finger style guitar to check out a Stonebridge.


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