Cort Earth 70 12 - 12 String Acoustic

DenzilD: "I've had this 12-string for 3 months now - never having owned one before. It has the most amazing tone - full, deep and rich and an incredible playing action. Above all I have found this guitar to be incredibly forgiving; added to which IT STAYS IN TUNE REMARKABLY WELL!!!!! The build and finish-quality are superb.
Don't strum it - pick it and go for the high notes; the rest takes care of itself.
Richard - as usual - was his ebulliently enthusiastic and knowledgeable self. Nothing was too much trouble.
In conclusion - if you're looking for a first 12-string ( as I was ) or simply want a great instrument at an affordable price, look no further.
10 out of 10 for product and 11 out of 10 for service."
5 stars

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