Small things can make a BIG difference!

Check out this photo and see if you can see the problem.  I will be honest, my tech didn't actually pick this up (the photo makes it look more obvious than what the naked eye would pick up I promise!)  but following every quality control and setup I (Richard) personally play test the guitar to make sure it feels as I would expect based on the customers initial comments.

On playing the guitar I felt my hand "scratching" on something.  You will see 2 fine "pimples" which are actually slightly raised.  Probably dust or wood residue during production that got sprayed over and set into the finish. 

The pimples are just in line with where your thumb rubs along as you play chords - or I may have missed it too and you could argue the problem would be less of an issue.

We can't remove these without having some cosmetic impact on the guitar so we had to reject it.

These kinds of rejections are the most painful as we spend so much time working on the guitar only to have it fall at the last hurdle.  Customer then has to be patient BUT they receive a stunning instrument as a result.

If this guitar had been purchased from ANY other mail order company I can GUARANTEE this guitar would now be in the hands of a player, highly frustrated by something that looks sooooo small but impacts so heavily on the enjoyment of playing the instrument.  Our customer however will receive his £750 Faith guitar setup to perfection and cosmetically perfect too!




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