Incorrect Saddle

I am very proud of this particular save (or proud of my tech at least!).  This particular issue was a "batch" issue which meant a number of guitars were effected - but not customers!

My technician checks the intonation of on every guitar - acoustic or electric -  that goes out the door to ensure that the geometry of the guitar is correct.  Although limited in what we can do to an acoustic guitar to improve intonation if it has been made poorly, we of course reject the guitar to ensure you don't get a "bad" one.

In this example Chris has found that an incorrect saddle has been fitted in the factory resulting in poor intonation.  

The photo shows the incorrect saddle and the correct saddle which is about to replace it!  The replacement saddle has been sourced from the supplier to ensure that the saddle is the "official" saddle designed to be fitted in the guitar which provides accurate intonation.

This customer (and all the others who had a similar problem) has been saved from many hours of frustration trying to tune his guitar!!

To our knowledge NO other shop in the UK had noticed this issue or reported any problem despite the clear intonation issue.


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