Incorrect Saddle - One for the Lefties!

OK - You may be looking at this blog and thinking its a repeat of the other blog I have done on incorrect intonation?

Well, if you study this picture you will notice that this guitar is actually left handed.

The nice people at Stonebridge who produce World Class acoustics had a rare Friday afternoon moment on this one as they have slipped in a right handed saddle on a left handed GS20 CM C.

Of course this is an intonation nightmare but its just simple human error - but it happens, and hopefully we are here as the last line of defense in ensuring a World Class acoustic guitar SOUNDS like a World Class acoustic guitar.

The saddle shown below is the correct Stonebridge saddle for right handed guitars, sent to us from the distributor (in fact we keep a good supply for replacing saddles for a number of reasons).

One happy customer saved!  He may not know it - but we do!