ANOTHER saddle issue "customer save"

Yes its yet another issue relating to SADDLES!!!!

The Cort Luce L100C is one of my benchmark recommendations and is utterly wonderful.  However, when a factory is making an acoustic guitar and they accidentally cut the saddle slot too deep, what do you think they do?  Throw the guitar away?

No, of course not - its time for the "shim" to shine!  The shim is a slither of ... well.. almost anything it seems from 18 years experience looking in these "holes"!  The shims role is to provide additional height when a saddle is just not enough or when a saddle  has been cut down too low and they don't want to use another one.  In this case the slot is the issue - too deep hence requiring a  shim.

This guitar had several shims and Chris wasn't happy with the way it looked and the saddle was still too low, so he created some shims that would be tidier and physically/geometrically sound.

This guitar will play better and believe it or not SOUND better due to the new shim at the right height.

This guitar retails at around £170 but every guitar we sell receives this meticulous attention to detail whether £1700 or £170.

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