Bi-Level Bridge Save!

OK - The Bi-Level bridge is designed to help ensure the correction amount of downward pressure is exerted on the saddle even when it has to be shaven down during the set up process (you know - the one most shops don't do anyway but just pretend they do for a moment!)


Now the principal is sound in theory but it depends on how low you have to get the saddle in the first place.


If you look at the following picture you will see that after the setup process the saddle is pretty much as low as we can take it and as a result the string is moving downward towards the lower level (which is where the extra pressure kicks in) BUT the wood from the higher level is spoiling the "mechanics" making the system redundant IE reducing the downward pressure.


(Wow thats a big pic....)

If you look at that top E string it is not in a straight line and is running over the top of the wooden bridge plate.


Depending on how bad this problem is at this point we either made a decision to reject the guitar (lots of time wasted of course getting it to this point to then have to reject it - but that all comes with the territory!) or we can actually reduce the height of the bridge plate itself.


In this case - we took the latter option.  Now check out the final work here...


Now you can see the bridge itself is actually looking a lot cleaner on the angle - less roughly cut in fact that before due to all the sanding etc!  But the most important aspect is that there is a straight line between the top of the saddle and the string peg. 

This guitar now has better tuning stability and improved tone as a result.


The process of setting up this guitar, then refinishing the bridge and completing the job took over 2 hours.  The guitar itself retails at £350.

As far as I am aware this level of detail is unheard of in the trade.  The reason why I have posted this specific pic was because we rejected the first guitar - this is actually the second one and the distributor wanted me to explain what was wrong with the first one so I have killed two birds with one stone!


Apparently we are the only shop who ever returns any guitars...  Well as a result of the work we do this brand is always seen in the very best light and the customers receive the ultimate in playability. 

Everyone wins.

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