The Day "Gordon-Smith" Became "Gordon Smith"

As you may know by now Gordon-Smith have been taken over by Doug at Auden guitars.  The agenda being to put British guitar building well and truly back on the map where it belongs.

The name Gordon-Smith originated from 2 chaps who started the brand - John Smith and Gordon Whitham.

To demonstrate the re-birth of this iconic guitar brand a  new brand logo has been born!

To me, the logo demonstrates a fresh new start, the hyphen is gone as the brand name now represents the legacy of the brand rather than splitting 2 names.

I LOVE IT.  To me it is quintessentially British.  It reminds me of all things great about traditional local British produce - whether it be tea and scones in the local cafe or bone china tea sets for which England is so well regarded.  

But this is no scone or tea set!!!  This is genuine history in the making of the re-birth (in my eyes) of the most British of all British produce!  

Gordon Smith Guitars

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