Best Acoustic Guitar? Best Electric Guitar? According To Who?

Even I have fallen foul to the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) benefits of titling my pages "Best Acoustic Under £1000" in order to get you guys to find my page on Google - but in reality this concept of "best" is far from easy to pin point and usually has more to do with search engine rankings than any real benefit to yourself.

Lets forget the important research I have done over the past 20 years for a minute - as of course I am going to always pick brands I have personally chosen in my "best" recommendations - as I want to focus on something SO much more important when giving the "best" option.

When was the last time you looked at a title that maybe reads "10 Best Acoustics Under £500" or "Best £1000 acousti guitar" to find a list of .... well... 10 guitars.... but how the hell did they get the title given to them by the author?

When someone approaches me about buying an acoustic I will ask them a range of questions. Maybe 6 or more.   From these questions I have asked I get know the background of the player, their expectations and desires, their budget, how they have decided on their budget, the style of music they want to play and the sound/feel that would suit them.

Only THEN is it even remotely possible (and highly likely) I can provide a GENUINE recommendation - a recommendation that will be "best for them".  Not necessarily you or I - or the magazine reviewer - but for them.

So next time you read the latest edition of Guitarist magazine or online stores best buys whether it be electric guitars, acoustic guitars or bass guitars - consider what they are not doing - which is considering YOUR needs and requirements.

I am always available for a personal consultation online so just click on the live chat button and I will be here to help.

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