Godin Summit Classic CT Knocks Gibson Out The Park


Godin have the guts to meet Gibson head on!

Its all well and good producing guitars of impeccable quality - Its all well and good producing guitars of such innovation that you push the musical boundaries far beyond that of most other guitar producers - BUT if you don't produce a guitar that looks like a Gibson or a Fender you will always be in the shadows!  Its a reality most manufacturers accepted a while back but Godin have been reluctant (and admirably so) to conform.

Thank goodness they did because Gibson guitars have hit an all time low in the quality of their guitars - They have become an embarrassment to the industry.  Hopefully they will get taken over by someone who cares about the history and pedigree of the product but until they do there is a race on to fill the gap with quality alternatives - and the Godin Summit CT is going to take some beating.


The Godin Summit CT comes with pickup options ranging from 2 X Humbuckers, through to 2 X P90 OR 2 X Seymour Duncan P Rails.

The P Rail is a pickup that gives you single coil, humbucker and P90 tonality at the flick of a switch all in one pickup.

Add to this Godins HDR (Hi Definition Revoicer) and you have active and passive tonality at a flick of a switch too!

Cannot wait for these to arrive - due in soon!

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