5 Reasons Why You Dont Need a Taylor Guitar.

5 Reasons Why You Dont Need a Taylor Guitar.


When you last bought some pain killers, did you buy Nurofen?

If so.... WHY!?  You could have bought something exactly the same for a fraction of the price saving you literally £s.  

You bought it because of marketing.   If marketing didn't exist you simply would not spend £2-£3 more than you need to on something as basic as painkillers.

So keeping that in mind... apply that logic to guitar buying.

5 scenarios where you wouldn't need to buy a Taylor guitar include...

You are a free thinker willing to challenge your preconceptions

Free yourself in the knowledge that there ARE other options.  Many of them.  Better sounding, better quality, better tonewoods and cheaper.

You want the best sounding guitar for your money. 

A Taylor guitar will simply NEVER be the best option pound for pound compared to my personal recommendations.  Of course if you spend £2000 on a guitar it should (and will) sound "nice" but Taylor guitars are incredibly expensive pound for pound compared to other options I could recommend

You want the highest quality tone woods for your money.

Taylor guitars suggest they use premium grade tone woods - I have no question they are and ought to be high quality but they are by no means the best you will find at the price and in fact I would suggest I could supply a guitar of similar quality tone woods at least 50% of the price of a Taylor and guitars with far superior quality woods for less too.

You are looking for a discerning purchase.

Some people just want to spend the money because they can brag about how much their guitar cost.  These are the same people who want the prestige of the "brand label".  If you are one of these then a Taylor is a viable option.  If you want to impress your friends with your well marketed brand then the Taylor is going to do the job well - if however you are happy owning a less obvious brand and enjoy showing your friends that you made a discerning choice, based on other factors than brand image and mass hysteria then you won't want a Taylor. 


You don't want to spend the same amount on a mass produced guitar that could buy you a hand made instrument

Once you get into the £3k price bracket (5 series and above) you could have a guitar made for you by a master craftsman who will listen to your needs, creating your own unique instrument - or at least a guitar made in a very low volume, intensely high quality control environment.  Despite this, Taylor guitars remain one of the highest volume "premium" brands on the market - endorsed by every magazine and major high street retailer.  Thats the power of brand image... hence Nurofen being so popular!

I will end with a quote taken from this news article on the costs of branded drugs vs alternatives available in pharmacies around the country.


"You can stand in front of people and tell them the cheaper one works just as well," says Nyss, "but they'll still believe a TV advert before they'll believe a pharmacist with a degree".

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