Cort M600T. A Stunning Twin Humbucker Classic Rock/Blues Guitar

 The M600 T was the latest development on my long standing favorite the M600.  The T stands for "trem" making the M600 even more versatile.

With a change of distributor (finally we now have stock again!) has come a change in PRICE!   Believe it or not the prices on MANY Cort guitars are set to come right down which is incredible considering the value they have represented even before the price drop.

I have been very critical of some of Cort acoustic guitars over the past 12 months but it seems that this may have been down to the UK distributor winding down stock so I am hopeful that they will be impressing me with their latest selection.

The Cort solid body guitars however have never failed to impress me and the M600 will always be my favorite.  Twin humbuckers, coil tap for those more sparkly tones, set neck on a mahogany body all goes towards giving you that classic rock tone you want to hear.

For me though what sets the Cort M600 apart is the additional attention to detail even beyond their exemplary build quality - The neck inlays are always clean, straight and look great and the headstock detail which shows the natural wood underneath all add to the feel of quality.

The M600T  knocks the socks off £500-£600 guitars (Like the PRS SE models for example!).

To see the Cort M600 in my catalog CLICK HERE

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