Best 12 String Acoustic Guitar Under £1000

Best 12 String Acoustic Guitar Under £1000

What is the best 12 string acoustic guitar under £1000?

This is a question I am asked a lot.  Most acoustic guitar players use a 12 string acoustic guitar as a second instrument so tend to loath spending too much on one but under paying can be a major false economy.

My advice would be to forget any 12 string acoustic guitar 12 string under £250 as the quality will be poor and structural integrity will have to come into question.  Even a 12 string that plays WELL out the box (rare but it happens) will most likely have a high action 12 months or more down the line as the pressure of the 12 strings take their toll on the neck and body of the acoustic guitar.

My personally recommended 12 string acoustic guitar is the Eastman AC330-12 which we sell for £799.  

Here are my reasons...

Solid spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides.  The mahogany used on Eastman guitars is jaw dropping.  Here is a picture of the latest one I have had in - and this is no exception to the rule (what you cannot see is the flip in the grain as you turn it - out of this world)

Best 12 string acoustic guitar under £1000

Every Eastman guitar is made by hand.  NO CNC tooling machines here!  No mass production.  Every single guitar is meticulously buffed, scraped, cut, chiseled by hand.  Every neck carved to perfection.  No other guitar in the market at this price is hand made and the likes of Taylor and Martin use CNC as their primary method of production to make the mass volume they supply around the World.

The tone of this guitar is blissful.  It is utilizes a jumbo body so you get that wonderful full bodied sound that will fill a room - Totally awe inspiring to hear and play.

So blown away by this guitar when I first heard it that I created this rough and ready video - but it may help you understand my love for it.


Here are some pictures of what I believe to be the best 12 string acoustic guitar under £1000


Best 12 string acoustic guitar under £1000

Buy The Eastman AC330 12 String Acoustic Guitar Online

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