How Much Are Guitars?

How Much Are Guitars?

How much does a guitar cost?


If you are asking the question "How much are guitars?" - then you are truly on your first steps of investigation and I do hope you find my website of value in these early stages.

I run a live chat service (just click on the chat button in the bottom right hand corner) and I can give you advice on how much it may cost to buy your first guitar.

How much a guitar will cost will depend largely on your own personal budget.  It is possible to buy a guitar (and acoustic most likely) for as little as £40-£50.  However don't expect too much!  If you buy a cheap guitar especially at this price point you will most likely find it will:

* Go out of tune very quickly

* Have strings which are very high from the fretboard (high action) resulting in sore fingers and poor "fretting" IE you wont be able to play it very well!

* Made poorly so even if it works now you may find in 6 months or so the top is lifting and it gradually plays worse and worse.


How Much For a "Decent" First Guitar?

I totally understand that not everyone can afford the quality of guitar that I would personally recommend.  A quality first guitar should play well, stay in tune and hopefully last you until you want to upgrade.  It should inspire you to pick it up and play - well thats my opinion!

If you have the budget I would recommend the Eastman PCH series of acoustic guitars.  They are truly wonderful.  At £265 for an acoustic and £299 for electro acoustic, they are not cheap but they are guitars that I can personally vouch for and will inspire you to play.

Your guitar would be set up to perfection in our workshop totally free of charge.

If this is a little much for your budget - click on the chat and Richard will try and help direct you toward your ideal first guitar that suits your budget.

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