Oh the age old question!  "What is the BEST acoustic guitar" under a specific price point.

I have been in the industry for 24 years but I am shocked when I see the reams and reams of results you get when you pop this question to Google.   Some brands I have never even heard of - and some I would never dream of recommending to a friend - or customer - and of course ones I am sure I would.

 I did a video on it which you can see here...


Noteably not a single blog mentioned the fundemental point which is the importance of having an acoustic guitar setup nicely.

Well naturally they can't all be "the best" and even if they were of the highest possible standards (which trust me some on that list are dreadful - even if they look pretty!) it doesn't mean the guitar was best - for you.

Buying an acoustic guitar at any price is a personal thing and there will be attributes that may or may not suit you personally which you can only discover by seeking some advice (my live chat is open most hours!).

Some of the more obvious questions to ask yourself are...

"Who is the guitar for?"  (Tall, short, young, old, fat or thin - believe it or not ALL these aspects will give me a sense of direction with a recommendation of an acoustic guitar under £200 or any budget for that mattter)

"Previous playing experience?"  Just because you want a relatively budget acoustic guitar doesn't mean you don't have a style of playing that you have become acustomed to and therefore a particular instrument size/style may be far more suitable than another.

"Desired playing style?".  If you don't know - its fine!  Even not knowing gives me a great sense of guitar style to provide you so we can keep your options open - cool eh?

"Budget is the MAX or or are you flexible?  Maybe you would rather spend £100 or maybe £250 isn't out the question for something a setup up.  Its so important we know this because doors may open if you can be a little more flexible - however at £199 I have an exciting recommendation which is actually shown in the video above.

 If however your budget was more in the £100 zone I hate to say but it may exclude me being able to help directly.  Two reasons both of which are highlighted in videos I have done on the subjects.  The first is that EVERY single guitar we sell - and its a unique service that is time consuming and costly to provide - is hand finished and meticulously quality controlled by ourselves pre sale.  This just isn't possible to provide on a £100 guitar as the work alone is worth £55!  Thats before we reject the guitar on quality issues, replace it with another, start again - and then provide all the back up service long term.  Its just not possible - but please watch the video to see what we do pre sale.

The second reason is we can't provide you an acoustic guitar at £100 is highlighted in the video below.  I am afraid its just a personal choice for me as I am very much aware of human suffering that goes into many products we buy aand cheap guitars are no exception...

I do hope this all helps you make a more informed choice when deciding on what is the best acoustic guitar for you at under £200.  

The simple answer is PLEASE talk to me. 

I am here anytime (literally nearly all hours every day!!) so just click on the chat when I am available and I will find you a lovely acoustic guitar that suits you - your budget - your playing style - and your future hopes and aspirations.  If we get that right - you will be inspired and have a long playing career ahead of you as a result!