Trying Faith Guitars In Store

Richard is available online most hours to talk through the many variations of Faith guitars available.

Body size, tone woods and finish all have an impact on the final tone and what style of music it may suit.

Your requirement for electronics and when these are required are also considerations to take on board.

For many, chatting to Richard online works perfectly, but if you feel more comfortable visiting in person, get in touch with Richard and he will have a chat with you about your playing style, budget, what guitars you have found comfortable in the past and what you hope to get from your new purchase - once all this information is taken on board Richard can ensure you have the right guitars available to try on the day - set up to perfection for you.

Regardless of whether Richard knows you are coming or not you will always find a comprehensive range of Faith guitars on display but you still know Richard is in the background if you need a helping hand.

Your guitar will be hand finished in our workshop and set up to your personal requirement.


Faith Guitars In Stock

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