What will a hand made Rozawood cost?


Rozawood guitars.  Each one a work of art more so than JUST a musical instrument.

Music in itself is an art and artistic expression runs deap through every Rozawood guitar as the instruments are also an expression of Roman and his incredible artistic vision.

Hand made in the Czech Republic Roman works with his son and one other man to support his love of guitar building.

So why choose a Rozawood?  Its all about knowing you own something that is truly personal, made for you and built by someone who is regarded as one of Europes finest guitar builders.

A Rozawood purchase is a discerning purchase.  An individual who requires the finest in life - who will be rewarded a lifetime of pleasure (and very jealous friends!)

Prices start from £2350 and click here for a "menu" of options that will help you gauge the final build price.  Remember - its a guide and if you need something - just ask.


* Individually tap tuned tops so bracings are cut literally to suit the density of the wood on the day

* Nitro finishes to ensure the lightest most breathable & expressive sound boards

* Each Rozawood is unique and made made by hand by Roman In Czech Republic.

* Benefit from totally personalized options.  If you are thinking it - it is probably possible - and if you haven't thought about it, Rozawood probably have!

As someone who has fallen for these wonderful guitars personally it would be my pleasure and privilege to help guide you and give you a quote for your own dream guitar.

I also have some fantastic contacts in the World of design who can help if you need a logo, your name or even a picture of your favorite pet or loved one artistically represented so it can be adorned to your guitar in the form of abalone or wood inlay.


Rozawood Guitars

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