James Barratt Guitar Tuition. Guitar Tuition In Stratford Upon Avon

A wonderful talent resides in Stratford upon Avon!  I only recently got to hear of this chap who introduced himself to me a few months back.  As always I mentioned that I really need a couple of testimonials in order to ensure the quality of my recommendation which he produced a week or so later on his next visit (glowing reports of course - Just for the record I think he is the FIRST to do this in all the "tutor recommendation requests" in the past 7 years!).

Since meeting James I have managed to witness some of his material.  This guy is a seriously talented guitarist and comes across as a really nice chap.

If you are looking into having lessons you really should give this chap a call.

Here are some details for you...

Website: www.jamesbarrattmusic.com

Tel: 07706443789

Email: baztek22@hotmail.co.uk


And a quick preview of him at work....



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