Best Acoustic Guitar Under £1000?

Looking for the best dreadnought acoustic guitar FOR £1000?

Check out the Eastman E10D beating tha Martin D15VS at over twice the price 

Well this is yet another stunning development by Stonebridge who are utterly destroying Taylor and Martin with their new releases.  First of all it was the GS20 CM (cedar top with mahogany back and sides) with its all solid World Class production and now the 21 with spruce top and Ovankol back and sides (all solid of course - only a brand such as Martin and Taylor could convince you that £700 for a laminate topped guitar is "value").

I have been singing the praises of Stonebridge guitars since they were first available in the UK. That was many years ago.  At that time nobody in the UK had heard of them but I have never been scared of believing in my own experience and understanding of what a "good" guitar should sound like.  I have experienced Taylors and Martins, Takamine and the rest of them for 18 years in retail and from the first day it was so clear to me that Stonebridge was immensely special and represented something unique in the market.  They have not let me down since and these days you cannot go onto an acoustic forum without hearing superlatives about the brand.

Putting ovankol and spruce together is an interesting concept with ovankol being a darker tone wood but balanced by the much brighter tone of the spruce top.

If you want a pure thoroughbred World Class acoustic tone under £1000 then Stonebridge has to be your first and only real choice - the competition are just nowhere near this level.  If you need convincing which of course you should (don't just take my word for it - I COULD be another silver tongued marketeer like most "advertisers" of goods online) - log an enquiry via my site and lets get you down here for a trial! (and prepare to get very excited!!)


The GS21 SO is pure World Class Tone for £849

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