Wow! This STUNNING Gordon Smith GS2 Custom Just Arrived In (& Available!)

Gordon Smith GS2 For Sale

I just had to show a picture of this guitar as soon as I possibly could.  Its another GS2 I have personally designed and available for sale.

I was inspired by a US Custom shop build & asked Doug to make me something similar and OMG as always they've nailed it with this one and half the price of the US custom build yet top components all round and build quality second to none.

On this model we have a Korina body & aged Gotoh hardware.  Tjhe body is finished using a stunning open pore technique that Gordon Smith have mastered beautifully, allowing the wood to sustain whilst giving a real custom shop vibe.

A genuine custom shop work of art hand made in the UK for £1499?  You bet!

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  • burmanguitars

    Love that open grain 🙌

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