European Hand Made All Solid Left Handed Acoustic Guitars Under 1000 GBP? YOU BET!!!

European Hand Made All Solid Left Handed Acoustic Guitars Under 1000 GBP?  YOU BET!!!
Buy left handed Dowina acoustic guitars here
Are you left handed?
Sick of the lack of choice of quality acoustic guitars?
What if I told you that over the past 12 months I have found one of the most exciting guitar builders in Europe, producing guitars that have completely - totally - blown me away?
Not only CAN they make left handed guitars at no extra charge - but I am focusing very much on this because I have always supported left handed players and want you guys to be in on this too.  Its too exciting for you not to be!
Here are my first two ever left handed models. 
Both extraordinary quality and both  UNDER 1000 GBP!  Remember - hand made - small workshop - all solid woods - European!
The First... The Dowina Ceres with beautiful solid cedar top and solid rosewood back and sides.  Check out the wonderful detailing and fretboard extension.  This would cost you over 3000 GBP by Lowden.  Price?  959 GBP
Left Handed Acoustic Guitar - Dowina CeresLeft handed Dowina Ceres acoustic guitar - rosewood back and sides
To give you another tonal option and asthetic of course - We have the beautiful Dowina SOL.  A combination of solid spruce top and solid walnut back and sides.
I literally cannot believe I am telling you this is just 869 GBP.  Imagine?  Exquisite quality, ebony board, all solid wood, hand made in a small workshop in Slovakia -  I dont know how long they will be available at this price but for now its 869 GBP.
Dowina SOL left handed acoustic guitar hand made in Europe under £1000Dowina SOL Left handed All Solid Wood Acoustic Guitar under £1000
Check out my recent videos featuring Dowina guitars and see for yourself how wonderful they are.  This is a Youtube playlist of Dowina featured content I have shown my customers over the past few months.  Just click on the icon in the top right hand corner of the video screen to open up the other Dowina videos.

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