The Gordon Smith Gatsby Is Here!

The Gordon Smith Gatsby Is Here!
Visit our Instagram     #gordonsmithguitars have launched this utterly jaw dropping (if you watch my videos you’ll know that means - you’re going to love it!!) Gatsby model. A totally new and wonderful design built to the highest of standards that will match any boutique guitar builder in the uk AND they ACTUALLY make their guitars too to toe in their workshop - unlike some guitar builders who will charge you 3 times the price for this quality. How much do you think you’d pay for a totally custom hand made guitar of this quality? Well..... it’s £1299!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️. #richardsguitars . Come and visit us for a test drive !
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  • marcusmagnussonmusic

    Looks good, live to far away to try one myself though 👍

  • jonathonbinns

    I’m so excited, when our stock arrives it’ll be like Christmas for me 😬😬😬

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