What? Its NOT "all good" ?

From 1995-2008 I ran Regent Guitars.  Started with an inheritance from my grandfather (£6000).  In 2008 I closed it down with depression.  The business was no longer operating how I wanted it to, perceived the way I wanted it and didn't seem to operate on a daily basis with the values I feel are so important.

My manager would say to me "Its all good!".  In other words - Don't worry - everything is "ok".  Anyone who has seen the Honda adverts that discuss the word "OK" will understand that "ok" is not ok!

Regent Guitars helped me learn who I am, what I want to be and what is important in my life.

The key ingredients for Richards Guitars are (In other words - the good bits)

* I only sell guitars that are recommended on the basis that they are benchmarks in the industry

* For the products I sell, I am a dedicated specialist with in depth knowledge of the product

* I pride myself on my honest approach and take great interest in helping people find the right guitar for them

* Any guitar I sell is hand finished in our workshop and set up to the highest of standards

*  I personally play test every guitar that leaves following the setup and before dispatch.

* I provide live help via the website most hours of the day - most days of the year

* I never let profit depict my actions when supporting my customers

* My only motivation in business is to try and do the right thing by my customers.

* I am always here for my customers in the future post purchase and will bend over backwards to help them.

Ultimately I am a GOOD PERSON!  I have humour, I love to laugh and love to make people happy.  I genuinely believe these are also part of what makes my business special. 

I am human of course and part of being human is dealing with day to day life issues - which leads me to...


Its "all good" right? - Of course not.

Now I do not want this bit to turn into a catalog of excuses when things do not go the way they should but what I do want to do is provide accounts via my blog about when issues arise, when customer expectations are not met and WHY this may have occurred.

When dealing with 20+ new customers a week, every one with high expectations (naturally) and very unique circumstances surrounding their order - there is always opportunity for a problem to arise.

I want to provide my visitors with an insight into my World of guitar consultancy from the point between customer ordering and then receiving their guitar.  I am hoping by doing so and by making you aware of possible pitfalls, we can both enjoy the experience all the more.

One of the most important phrases I was taught from an early point in my business career was provided by a man called Barry Stock who told me

"Without problems you wouldn't have a business".  He explained that problems are opportunities to demonstrate my true value.  He told me the reason I was so busy was BECAUSE there will ALWAYS be problems with guitars and I turn those problems into reasons to buy from me!  

If I am to take on those problems I have to take the rough with the smooth!

I am hoping that future potential customers can read the blogs in this section before ordering which may help them decide whether I am the right person for the job with regard to supplying them a guitar - it will also help them know in advance of possible issues that may effect their order thus maintaining expectations to a level we can all be happy with.

Hope you enjoy my failings!



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