Its On Its Way...

Well!  The front of my shop is having a little "makeover" shall we say!

Over the coming weeks and months I hope to update you on my social experiment / marketing idea / green ethos / "good feeling" story!!

Away with the "retaily" marketing messages about my service and whats on offer inside in replacement for PLANTS!!!!!  Well a wall of plants known as a living wall.

For those of you who don't know what a living wall is, you can learn more here

Periodically I will be updating this blog with the reasons why I want to do this, my experiences both from a commercial point of view but also how the local people, council and so on have reacted.  A fly on the wall perspective of me doing something that not only makes me feel "good" about myself but I am hoping to demonstrate positive outcomes that will act as a microcosmic example of how the wider world can learn and move forward - to the benefit of the children from whom we are currently borrowing our planet.

I hope to demonstrate via my experiment that so much positivity can come from one very small project like mine.

Anyway - enough of the mumbo jumbo - It should just be great fun!  

Watch this space...

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