Goodbye Jon Hague

One of my closest friends passed away on Sunday.  He was my mother in laws partner of 23 years.

Both myself and my wife have been co-caring for him over the past few months and I would like to thank everyone for their patience who may have been affected.

My business began in a rented unit that belonged to Jon.  I paid for the building to be done up for which he provided me 6 months rent free of charge.  He was already "going out" with my mother in law so we would see a lot of each other and over the years we pretty much did most things together it seems!

We have shared maybe 15+ holidays, he taught me to play golf and brought my handicap from non existent to 14 in just over a season.  He was a master of golf and I am so grateful for the skills he shared.

Whether we were on a summer holiday or drinking wine over dinner at home we would play backgammon for hours on end.  My bad debts reached a point where I had a summer (holiday) account and a winter (home) account just to spread my losses!

Snooker was also one of or favorite past times.  I was lucky enough to have my own table and would spend many hours together chewing over life events whilst honing our snooker skills.

In his last months, weeks, days, despite his terrible suffering we were able to share some of our greatest memories and even create a few more.

I will never forget you Jonathan - You will always be my inspiration.


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