Quality Ukulules & Mandolins In Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire!

Thats right!  

Why did it take me so long to realise I should be helping Ukulele and mandolin players?  Obviously I specialize and am so entrenched in my world of guitars that I just never really thought about it!

The more I have looked into these areas the more I realise they have the exact same problem as in the Guitar World.  Getting a "good" one goes well beyond just reliance on the brand name and they always require setting up properly too.... that's where I come in!

Now I have a great head start in the world of quality ukuleles and mandolins because I already supply one of the leading manufacturers in the top end electro side - Godin. 

The Godin A8 and Godin Multiuke are class acts and Seagull have just lauched their new Seagul S8 mandolin which is also beautiful.

Auden have an all solid wood mandolin due in soon and guess what!  The nice people who supply me Furch guitars are also the UK distributor for Kala - possibly the most trusted name in quality Ukulele market.

So I think thats me all set and raring to go - into the World of Ukuleles I go!  

Here are just a couple of images to get your mouth watering...

Godin A8 Mandolin

Godin Multiuke Ukulele

Kala All Solid Wood Koa Ukulele


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