Gibson Les Paul Vs Eastman SB59 A/B Test

The Eastman SB59 is taking the guitar world by storm.  From every single review to every person who picks one up - they are all saying the same thing...  WHY can't Gibson make something that sounds as good, that feels as good, that looks as good at this price? 

I feel Eastman are literally second to none and I hope you will watch this brilliant A/B test to see what you think.

I would love to hear from you so please do comment and I will post your views - for better or for worse I promise!


Click here to view Eastman SB59 Guitars

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November 12, 2018

I recently got suggestions for Richard’s video in my YouTube feed, did not twig the fact I had bought a USA Stratocaster from him some years back, from memory I had placed an online order, no idea about the seller, I received a call from him thanking me for the purchase, nice and unexpected. I received the guitar shortly after and can honestly say that it was by miles the best setup guitar I had ever had. Thanks Richard was really impressed with the price and service.

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