June 18, 2017


April 26, 2017


Are you a returning customer? Fancy your own private line to get me when you please?

Well that's exactly what you have got.

Utilizing new technology I am now providing you as a current or former customer with your own private line.

This is my way of ensuring that my valued customers receive long term dedicated support in a way I could never have achieved before.

Obviously I cannot publish the number so just click on my chat if you want to take advantage and store your direct line in your contacts.

Alternatively if you email me you will be channeled into my new ticketing system and if you let me know you are a returning customer you will be emailed your direct line.

This number, when called, literally calls my PC where I am working most hours and I can either reply or call you back when you leave a message.  Cool eh?

Hope you like it!

August 25, 2015


Stay In Touch With EVERYTHING "Rguitars" Via this page....


Basically if you want to know what is happening today, what my views and thoughts are, latest customer reviews, blogs, product additions or whether I am simply OUT of the office - this is the page for you.

It shows a number of my most recent Tweets and Facebook posts which basically reflect everything that goes on.

Please bookmark this page or just check in daily if you want to know what is going on - There is literally ALWAYS something going on!!!

Please use it!

November 10, 2013


A new face at Richards Guitars!

But I haven't taken a photo yet so you can't see him!!

His name is Josh, he is 19 and his passion is graphic design with a view to helping businesses with their brand image.

So whilst I am sure he will make an excellent cup of tea, he is ideal for helping me with so many varying aspects of of my in store and online marketing.

Josh is of course another pair of hands to hep me with all activities that go on behind the scenes and a key role will be in helping me fend off those horrible time wasting sales calls and people wanting me to advertise blah blah blah.

I took Josh on because he seems to have a very responsible and level headed outlook and he takes great pride in his work - an A grader in all is school work.... and yet to see him grunt - which is a big bonus to relative to some teenagers I have seen!

Josh DOESN'T play guitar and I truly believe for the role I have taken him for this is a big bonus - he won't be distracted!  So don't grab him expecting advice!! Not unless you want some graphic design work you need doing which I am sure he will be happy to talk to you about.

OK - Thats about it - I thought I could run the place single handidly and I did a pretty damned decent job of it for 4.5 years.... the last 6 months have however shown there truly is a limit to what one man can do on his own and on that....

Thank you and welcome Josh!!!



September 15, 2013


Customer Service Developments

Wow - its all systems go - literally!

A number of systems were implemented in the past couple of weeks.

Regrettably, any time spent developing customer service improves have a negative effect on my ability to keep on top of new enquiries during this time so sincere apologies to anyone who has been inconvenienced.

However - the good news is the following...

The workshop "master list" is now full integrated into my customer contact database which basically means one less bit of duplication (more time to talk to you!).  It also means that when anyone asks me the status of a guitar in the system I can ALWAYS find out regardless of what PC I am on.  (IE at home, work or play!).  My contact system is cloud based which means I can access it from anywhere.  Now my workshop list is part of it I can access information on progress so much easier than was possible before.  Of course it also means one less opportunity for me to make a mistake.  I used to update the workshop list on the spreadsheet - only to have the phone ring in the middle and BANG I have made a mistake.

OK - so thats all great news.

Secondly I have finally got my automated order tracking post dispatch running successfully.  Now, any new order on dispatch from my premises will be accompanied with emails from me giving you progress reports by email and text.  From dispatch to delivery reminders on the day of delivery to email confirmations that your guitar has arrived safely.  Hope you like it!

As you should know, pre dispatch your order can be followed up by live help at most hours of the day where I am here in person to update you.

So all this means further improvements in customer service and more time freed up for me to talk to more customers and repond to customer inquiries faster than ever.

Oh yes - and I have changed my live help system - I think its better than the last one but you let me know.

August 05, 2013


Further Communication Improvements

It has been a long standing frustration of mine that by using so many different avenues of communication to spread my message it is nigh on impossible to track and maintain a thread of conversation between all of them.  My communication software which I introduced at the beginning of the year ("log enquiry with Richard" button on the left hand side) has been fantastic and a big help with my general enquiries.  This remain the "official" and "recommended" route to enquiring with myself online. However!  Another new fangled gadget has enabled me to pool all of the streams of content including...


Twitter messages

Twitter @ mentions

Facebook posts

Facebook likes

Facebook messaging


Phone messages


All together in one place!! PHEW!!!!  Not only that but its all sent to my Iphone too so I can get all this stuff on the move.


My I phone was a birthday present and that too has been a massive help so when a customer creates an initial inquiry on the site and I have my phone with me I can just press the telephone number and call the customer back instantly if it is appropriate to do so.

All of this technology continues to help me help you and ensures I can continue to provide my highly personalized service to the standard I am happy with.

March 18, 2013


Forthcoming "Holiday". 25th March - 9th April

Whilst the showroom will be closed I will be available for inquiries & processing orders pretty much as normal although contact will be mainly via email.

Contacting Richard Whilst The Showroom Is Closed

Log your enquiry using the tab on the left hand side (Orange Tab "Log Enquiry With Richard").  This will enter all your contact details onto my customer database and will associate any further contact with your enquiry and details on the system.  It works beautifully!  

I WILL get back to you promptly if you use this method.

Live Help

Keep any eye out for this as I will be available at certain times most days so just see if I am there!

Online Orders

Any order received online will be processed as normal.   I am continuing to dispatch guitars during my break and the workshop will also be operational as normal but will only be working on guitars sold.

All I ask is for you to be mindful that I will do my best for you whilst I balance your needs with my time out.

Thank you for your patience whilst I take my holiday.  I won't be far away as we are doing some renovations at home and appreciate the time with my family during the holiday period.


A Notice For People Who Think I Don't Want To Be Disturbed!

Disturb me!  

By making an inquiry during my holiday break helps me feel wanted!!!  People are so kind and polite when I go on holiday and feel I should have time off so don't contact me until I return.  All this does is gives me a MASSIVE back log on my first day back!!!  It is really kind to consider my time off but hand on heart I am more relaxed dealing with inquiries which is why I make myself available when I am taking some time out.  

Thank you.


As for showroom visitors...

See you on 10th April! ( I already have appointments booked in for my return so PLEASE make sure you contact me if you need to arrange a time to visit)