November 01, 2017


Used Guitars For Sale Near Me?

Used Guitars For Sale Near Me?

We are very proud of our used guitars service we provide at Richards Guitars.  Every guitar is setup up to perfection and we only sell used guitars which which meet our strict criteria in terms of quality.  You cannot buy a "bad" used guitar from us - in fact I would argue if you buy a used guitar from us it will play better than most guitars sold as new due to our meticulous quality control and setup service we provide on every used guitar sold.

If however you cannot find a used guitar for sale within our own used guitars listings we do also provide a free nationwide service to allow you to locate a used guitar for sale near you.

Do check out my used guitars for sale classifieds here

I am very proud of this free service but do remember that we are not directly involved in the sale process and cannot vouch for the quality of private sales or the authenticity of the adverts - always approach private sales with an air of caution.

August 11, 2015


Free Ads - Your Free Guitar Classifieds. Subscribe Today

I have provided an online service now for 2 decades!  Can you believe that?

In this time I have enjoyed allowing my customers to advertise their own used guitars for sale but struggled throughout with the right technology.

At last I have a product that works BEAUTIFULLY.

It takes seconds to register, especially if you link it via your Facebook page.

If you register you will also receive email updates with new listings to keep you in the loop.  We already have nearly 1000 subscribers waiting to see your guitar for sale!

Do bare in mind these are private adverts and I cannot be responsible for the content or validity but it is certainly a very useful service if you want to raise the profile of your own guitars for sale via my high profile online.

The direct web address to remember is...

April 11, 2015


Used Guitars For Sale...

For nearly 20 years I have struggled with technology to bring you my own used guitars alongside privately owned guitars.

Well.... nothing has changed and I am still struggling!  If anyone knows any decent software out there to bring you a workable classifieds let me know - I have provided various offerings over the years but the difficulties of bugs and spam  have just made them all way too much hassle.

In the mean time I have acquired - a useful domain name for promoting used guitars for sale!  I will try and put this to good use but I just need to get my head around the best way forward.

I have set up this used guitars blog to raise awareness of used guitars of special interest as they arrive in.  I think it just continues to personalize what I do rather than it all look like a cold sales environment.

Every used guitar for sale has been through my stringent vetting procedure - IE I have to like it and/or believe it has a worthy place in my showroom even if its NOT my personal favorite style.  I will be honest though and say 99% of guitars I take in are instruments that I am keen on.

Every used guitar is set up to perfection in our workshop.  Set up to your personal specification and you won't find crackly knobs, dirty switches etc. on any used guitar we sell you!

I am very proud that if you were to visit my shop you would struggle to work out which guitars are second hand.

Keep any eye on this used guitars blog for interesting stories and latest used guitars!  It will also act as an interesting story board of guitars I have sold on previous occasions. 

Bye for now!

January 18, 2013


Looking For A Used American Brand? Want A Trusted Supplier? I Can Help!

 If you are looking for a Gibson, Fender, PRS or any other American guitar brand - I can help.

I have a fantastic source for acquiring these guitars from the States - from a like minded professional who has an in depth knowledge of guitars and is very aware of the quality I require!

I source the guitar, put it through our workshop and set it up to the highest of standards.

So if you have a guitar in mind, WHY would you want to gamble by looking on Ebay from an unkown, untrusted source who certainly won;t consider your needs like I will.

Its a really exciting new development so feel free to test the system - lets see if we can find you a brilliant used guitar, set up to perfection,  possibly saving you hundreds of pounds in the process!

Hope to hear from you soon - Feel free to inquire via my inquiry form or speak to me on live help for more details.

November 30, 2012


Epiphone Les Paul Zak Wylde 2004 with Active EMG pickups

This model is 10 years old and has a fantastic aged feel about it yet condition is totally A1. Just arrived so no pics yet but let me know if you want pictures before I get the guitar officially listed.
November 30, 2012


Gibson 1980 Les Paul Standard

 Just arrived in today!  A wonderful piece of Gibson History but also a fantastic playing / sounding example.  Frets are excellent with no dents and the overall condition for its age is superb.  Lovely wearing to the neck which all adds to the vintage vibe.

Call me on 01789 263333 to discuss this beauty further!