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November 13, 2012

Crafter TB Rose. Stunning guitar with limited availability at a very low price

The Crafter TB ROSE is a stunning electro acoustic available for a very limited period at just £599.  I just had to let you know about it.  It was also an excuse to take photos of a great looking guitar!

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November 10, 2012

Fender 1979 25th Anniversary Stratocaster £1999

This 1979 Fender Stratocaster is the 25th Anniversary edition.

Condition is 100% A1+++ Incredible!

What is more remarkable is the guitar comes with every conveivable accessory which I have shown you in the picture too.

Best bet is to watch the video I have found shown above - It says it all!!

If you want a true collectors item or a real workhorse stratocaster to play and enjoy - this is the one for you!

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November 09, 2012

Cort M520 Review. A Genuine Personal Favourite & New Low Price

Cort M520 Review

This is an update on the review I brought you over a year ago as it has now come DOWN in price to just £299!

The Cort M520 is a guitar I have wanted to bring to your attention for literally YEARS.

Hopefully you may know how much I love the Cort M600 - and recently the trem based model which too is utterly wonderful - the Cort M600T.

Well - the M520 is cheaper version of the M600 so maybe it seems a little strange that I would start trying to tempt you with a cheaper option?  I should be  endorsing the flagship model right?   Well the truth is the M520 is such incredible value I don't want players to consider it as a cheaper, inferior option.  More so "an" option which happens to save you about £70 on the M600.

I am often asked what are the key differences between the M600 and M520.  So, here they are...

The M520 has dot fretboard inlays.  The M600 has block fretboard inlays.

The M600 has a bound edged fretboard whereas the M520 has a plain edge to the fretboard.

M520 has "generic" humbucker pickups (IE unbranded) whereas the M600 pickups are "Duncan Designed" by Seymour Duncan.

The M520 has a standard finish top either in Tobacco Gloss or Vintage Black Satin.  The M600 comes in 3 Flame top versions.

The M520 and M600 both have a coil tap for a wider range of tonal options.

The M520 and M600 share the same hardware (barring pickups) and have mahogany bodies with a fixed neck design.

So yes there are differences and of course many will possibly "upgrade to the M600" but this doesn't mean the M520 is any LESS value or high quality at its price.

If you look at the pictures I have provided you will see the quality and detail of the M520 models is utterly superb.  Over my 16 years in the trade I have witnessed so many brands and I can tell you now that the brands like Vintage guitars who offer "value" fall foul most of the time on their finishing details - this is just not the case with Cort.  If you tried one in the flesh you would be astounded at the quality.

The M520 is a solid mahogany guitar with a quality fixed neck design, medium weight and will always give you tones which are on the warmer side - so if you are looking for bright toppy tones this is not really the guitar for you.

If you were considering a Les Paul style guitar I would beg you to try this.  You will get all the tones you will find in your Les Paul but the guitar benefits from comfort contouring on the reverse of the body and most importantly has a fantastically balanced weight distribution, much more in line with a PRS.  If you will be sitting down at home playing then you will find a Les Paul quite awkward on the lap with all the weight to the rear of the guitar.  The M520 will sit nicely and you will be able to play for hours and enjoy it!

The M520 is ideally suited to blues, rock and Jazz.  The pickups have a nice classic, slightly restrained humbucker tonality which is perfect for these genres.  The coil tap gives you the brighter tones and is a nice addition for a guitar under £350!

The great news is that Cort have just introduced the M520 in a P90 pickup option too!!  For me this is wonderful because I just LOVE the P90 sound.  A P90 can be considered as a hot wound single coil.  It is just that bit thicker than a single coil with a sweeter tone and just a litte more rounded with less bite.  For blues players you won't find a sweeter sound.  However, with no coil tap option you may find the P90 more restrictive so this one is for players who "know" the sound they want and don't need the wider range you will find in the humbucker model.  Its beautiful though!  (See pics below).

Currently the M520 sells at a mere £299 online making it one of the highest quality solid body electrics money can buy on an affordable budget.

Buy Cort M520 Online at Richards Guitars

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November 07, 2012

Alvarez AF60CE Sunburst. A superb mid price range electro.

The Alvarez AF60CE is a stunning guitar but the sunburst specifically is one of the nicest sunbursts I have ever seen at this price. It is utterly gorgeous.  So I just had to bring you some pictures!

For £395 you get a superbly built guitar with a great pickup system that looks every bit as good as it sounds - another top personal recommendation.

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November 06, 2012

Godin Montreal. An exquisite semi or stunning electro?

The Godin Montreal has to be one of the most under profiled guitars in the World today.  How can a guitar of such immense beauty both tonally and visually be so overlooked by the mass of so called "guitar specialist stores" today?

I can tell you why - It doesn't have Gibson or Fender on the headstock.

Well, if you can overlook the fact that this is NOT a guitar sold on brand image but an instrument built to the highest of standards offering World Class electric and acoustic tones, then you may still be interested in giving one of these a test drive.

If you have heard of the Taylor T5 or have even considered buying one... you won't once you have played this.

I could waffle on and on about the quality, the feel, the visuals, the immense range of tonal variations and combinations of acoustic, electric or both at the same time but instead I will just say to you, either A) Trust me if you are thinking of buying online - If the guitar doesn't live up to my hype  (I would call it enthusiasm!), call me and tell me and of course I would refund you immediately but alternatively get yourself over here and take it for a test drive.  Make sure you let me know in advance so I can get the guitar setup in the workshop and plugged in ready for your visit.

In the mean time enjoy this gallery I have put together in the hope that some of the visual quality and beauty will be conveyed (its so hard to do it justice - it is so gorgeous in real life).

CLICK HERE  to visit the Godin Montreal in my catalogue

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November 02, 2012

The Crafter SAT Electric/Acoustic Hybrid Is SO MUCH FUN!

If you are considering  what your next electric or electro acoustic should be, why not get both in one?  The Crafter SAT is a stunning guitar which enables you to blend the neck P90 pickup by Kent Armstrong with an LR Baggs under saddle transducer for the acoustic tone.

Output is stereo enabling you to play through an electric and acoustic amp seperately, therefore making the most of the tones it produces and also enables you to generate some stunning hybrid tones you never knew were possible.

All in all this is a seriously fun instrument - I spend ages on it once I get it plugged in.... which is never good for my working day!!

When you take into account the incredibly good build quality, awesome finish and the fact it comes with a hard case too I really cannot believe how it is possible to sell this guitar for just £539!

Pop in and try one or chat to me online if you would like to know more information.

Click here for more details in the catalog or to buy online.


Click on the pictures below for some nice close ups...

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November 02, 2012

Faith Naked Neptune - Arriving shortly!

Well the wait is NEARLY over!  I am expecting my first models of the naked series last week of November/early December so get your orders in now if you want one for Christmas!

At £359 this guitar is simply stunning.  I have been waiting for it ever since I saw the prototype earlier in the year.

Click here to order within my catalog pages or click on the images below for some stunning close up shots.

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