Cort Have Invited Me to Visit Their Factory In Indonesia!!!!

Hand on heart - I cannot believe it!

An all expenses paid trip to visit the Cort factory in Indonesia.  It seems my passion for their work has not gone unnoticed!

This will be an incredible opportunity for me to see first hand, the single most important guitar factory in the far east - you could argue in the World!

Without Cort you would not have the supply of guitars from the likes of Schecter, Fender, Ibanez, G&L and so many others.  I will get to see all this FIRST HAND!!!

I genuinely cannot believe it.  Of course I am incredibly anxious about leaving my family behind but its not every day you get offered a trip to the other side of the World - a genuine experience of a lifetime.

Of course I will give you all the news first hand - I will send back pics and video whilst I am there - a real fly on the wall experience.

The trip is not until April so plenty of time for me to get excited.


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