Continuing my dream to be the best I can be.... online update

I am often frustrated by wanting to give the very best experience possible online when my technology skills are clearly self limiting in what I can do personally.

I have teamed up with a wonderful tech who is now helping me realize my full potential in terms of helping assist my customers online.

A key starting point in this area is intelligent, practical navigation that will help me to help you when short listing guitars relevant to your needs.

Navigation systems are all well and good but they are always so "generic" and what I have planned will provide navigation specific to a brand or category of product that will help me - help you.  It will be more liking have a personal assistant than a clunky menu (that is my hope)

It won't make much sense now and I do not want to say too much until there is something to show you but rest assured there are some nice developments being worked on for improving site interactivity.

It will roll out brand by brand.

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